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My first FreeBSD Port - sws [shell web server]    
Well at long last I did it. I contributed a piece of my code to the FreeBSD ports system, sws. Sws is a small web server for static content written in /bin/sh which should run on any POSIX system.

I first released it on with a pointer to it's self served home site at back in 2005 or 2006. Sometime a couple of years ago someone suggested I roll it into NetBSD pkgsrc, but as I have not had a NetBSD box under my control in a couple of years I decided, what the heck I have a bunch of FreeBSD boxes to test a new port on, so FreeBSD it was.

A quick look at the FreeBSD Handbook and a couple of trial runs and I was ready to submit the port. It was accepted and you can now find it in /usr/ports/www/sws on any FreeBSD system with a current version of ports.

If like me you are running FreeBSD on arm you can visit which is a small arm box serving packages for arm via sws.

I know there are about 100 installs of sws at a government agency, because I installed it for them, but I know of no others in the wild even though it had some followers on FreshMeat before they shut down. If you are using sws somewhere I would love to hear about it!

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